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Housekeeper Series Info

I’ve been getting questions about what’s happening next with the Housekeeper series so I thought I’d give you some quick info on what I have planned.

Q: Are there more books coming?

A: First, thanks for reading! Second, yes! There are seven books planned in the current plot arc.

Q: Could you hurry it up please?

A: Again, thanks for the enthusiasm! So, the good news is that I’m over here working diligently. That said, I have a day job, and to be honest, I’m not a particularly fast writer. So know that I’m beavering away on the next book and trying to get it into your hands as soon as I reasonably can.

Q: Is there a way for me to find out when the next release is ready?

A: Yes! I’d be delighted if you join my newsletter. My Wynnsiders hear about all the news first and get access to fun stuff like giveaways. You can sign up through the website here ( or through the links in the ebooks. If newsletters are not your thing, I also post on socials when release time is nigh.


  1. Thanks so much for the update. I just found your series in Summer & read all 3 in one go. I really enjoyed them 😀

  2. Really enjoy this series. I’ve checked periodically for new releases. So thank you for the update. I am excited for more, and really just needed to know that there will be more! I’ll wait patiently for the next one.

  3. HOLY HANNAH!……. I absolutely loved this series. Read the first one on KU and enjoyed it so much that I bought all three. I read all three this weekend. I will be watching for more stories with great anticipation. Nothing I love more then finding a great new author.

    1. Oh thank you, Wanda! Delighted you’re enjoying the series so much. Looking forward to sharing the next part of Finn’s story with you.

  4. Found by chance, borrowed on Kindle and then bought because I found it addictive. But… what’s next? When do we hear what happens to Finn, Bayley and Fuzzy. Why is the necklace terrified of the door and what lies behind it. Is Will a dastardly plotter? Will there be coffee?

    Thanks so much for a bright spark in an otherwise grey time

    1. Hi Jim,
      Thank YOU so much for the kind words! They are much appreciated. And I love your questions. Funny you should ask about the neckace…I’ve been having some very interesting conversations with Percy the last few days 😉 Book 4 is well underway and will be published later this year with 3 more to follow in this plot arc. I’m slow, but there IS more coming.

  5. Excellent. At my age time is an elastic and precious commodity so looking forward to it. Finn is one of those rare characters who are both believable and also develop as the story builds up. Also he ability to land in trouble keeps everything nicley on the boil.

    And I read the Pantom tollbooth a long time ago and it is still one of my favourite fantasy doorways into another world.

    1. That’s such a great way to refer to The Phantom Tollbooth—”fantasy doorway.” It really is! And so glad you’re looking forward to Book 4!

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