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Book Release: A Season for Solitude

Hi there!

Well it took longer than I hoped, but A Season for Solitude is at long last out and about in the world. I’m so thrilled to finally share the next chapter of Finn’s story with you. Here’s the official blurb:

A birthday. A blizzard. And a bombshell. As the snow piles up, the Housekeeper finds herself on thin ice.

With Finn’s birthday approaching, she learns that she’s not the only one with a big event on the horizon. Bayley announces that he has the chance to level up in a major way.

Finn is determined to help Bayley take advantage of this life-changing opportunity. But not everyone thinks that Bayley’s power should grow. Snowed in and increasingly isolated, will Finn be able to thaw her adversaries’ icy hearts, or will she and Bayley be left out in the cold?

With nowhere to go and no one to turn to, the Housekeeper must face her newest challenge alone.

You can get A Season for Solitude HERE. Happy reading!

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