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Housekeeper Series Info

I’ve been getting questions about what’s happening next with the Housekeeper series so I thought I’d give you some quick info on what I have planned. Q: Are there more books coming? A: First, thanks for reading! Second, yes! There are seven books planned in the current plot arc. Q:[…]

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Author Birthdays: Susan Cooper and Rachel Caine

In a continuation of my “birthdays of authors you might enjoy” series, I’m bringing you two author birthdays: one for May and a bonus April author. (As usual, I’m featuring authors whose work you should be able to find in a library, but I’m also including affiliate links to Amazon[…]

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Don't Panic mug

Author Birthdays: Douglas Adams

I’m starting my Author Birthdays series with Douglas Adams, whose birthday is March 11. “Um, Matteson,” you might be thinking. “Why start with this dude? Particularly since he wrote science fiction, and you write fantasy.” Well, Adams has had a huge impact on my writing aesthetic. When people ask me[…]

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Book Release: A Talent for Trouble

Yippee!!! Book 3, A Talent for Trouble is out in the world today. I’m thrilled to be able to share Finn and Fuzzy’s latest adventures. In addition to finding out what Finn and Fuzzy have been up to, Book 3 also introduces some new friends and foes. Here’s the official[…]

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Poke and Prod Season

Due to my special snowflake status, semi-annually I embark upon the wondrous time of year known in my house as “Poke and Prod Season.” If you follow me on Instagram, ’tis the season when you’ll see my pictures and comments from the various waiting rooms I’m frequenting. I’m not gonna[…]

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A House for Keeping Is Here! aka a Love Letter to NaNoWriMo

In the immortal words of my main character, Finn, “Wow.” It’s surreal sitting here after pushing the “Publish” button on my urban fantasy novel A House for Keeping. It took me six years to get to this point. In 2012, I had a medical malfunction. (See my “Not Playing with All[…]

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