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Guess What I Learned? Platypus and Echidna

Would you look at this fine fellow? In my quest for info about [redacted to avoid spoilers], I wound up researching the platypus. OMG, these guys are amazing. (And also, when I read about them, I kinda felt like they’re proof that humans are being punked. By who or what,[…]

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Guess What I Learned? Episode 1: The Zeroeth Law

So, one of the awesome things about writing—even writing fiction—is that there’s research involved. I get to learn all sorts of random stuff. I love learning new things! To me, this is one of the big bonuses of having a writing career. I can’t think of another career where I’d[…]

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Welcome Wynnsiders!

Thank  you so much for joining in the fun! I’m Matteson (pronounced Madison, in case you’re curious). Pleased to meet you! No really, I’m thrilled you’re here. So this here is my website, my Internet home, where I share stuff that’s happening while I’m writing, editing, and generally faffing about[…]

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