Writer’s Life

Author Birthdays: Charlaine Harris

For this November 2021 edition, I chose Charlaine Harris. She is a New York Times bestselling author with multiple series, several of which are supernatural in nature. Why I picked her: Harris has been a big influence on my own writing. I first found her through her Sookie Stackhouse series—it was part[…]

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Housekeeper Series Info

I’ve been getting questions about what’s happening next with the Housekeeper series so I thought I’d give you some quick info on what I have planned. Q: Are there more books coming? A: First, thanks for reading! Second, yes! There are seven books planned in the current plot arc. Q:[…]

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Author Birthdays: Susan Cooper and Rachel Caine

In a continuation of my “birthdays of authors you might enjoy” series, I’m bringing you two author birthdays: one for May and a bonus April author. (As usual, I’m featuring authors whose work you should be able to find in a library, but I’m also including affiliate links to Amazon[…]

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