A Talent for Trouble

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A rogue on the run. A spy on a spree. And a pest on the prowl. As the temperature drops, things are heating up for the new Housekeeper.

When a disaster gets dumped on her doorstep, new magic user Finn finds herself in the hot seat. Caught in the crossfire between two magical families, Finn frantically attempts to save a life, despite opposition on all sides.  Adding fuel to the fire, new adversaries force Finn and Bayley to fight for their own safety.

With trouble igniting on all sides, will Finn be able to put out all the fires before everything goes up in flames?

Featuring a magical house, a feline familiar, and a female protagonist who people love to root for, A Talent for Trouble is an action-packed urban fantasy adventure. Fans of cozy paranormal mysteries that are loaded with suspense and humor will love this enchanting, immersive world.

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