A House for Keeping

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What would you give to add some magic to your life?

Finn Foster is done with the dismal, dusty desert of the Southwest, and is determined to add a little excitement to her existence. Sure, she had to slalom her way cross-country, dodging a rogue stoner squirrel here and an overly amorous moose there, but Finn has made it to the East Coast and is about to achieve her lifelong dream of going to oceanography school.

But before she sets sail on her ship of dreams, Finn stops off at the Foster family reunion to meet her relatives for the first time. When Finn arrives, she’s captivated by the enchanting farmhouse where the reunion is being held. But she quickly realizes this reunion is weirder than she could have imagined. As one bizarre event leads to another, she finds herself ensnared in mysterious family traditions, and as her family’s true intentions are revealed, Finn comes to a startling realization:

This family reunion could open up a magical new world for Finn…or get her killed.

If you like compelling characters, immersive worlds, and a side order of humor, then you’ll love Matteson Wynn’s page-turning urban fantasy.

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