A Pool for Company

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Secret agendas. Lives on the line. A new magic user. What could go wrong?

Finn Foster just found out that magic is real, she can wield it, and now she’s the housekeeper of a magical house. Sure, to wind up here, she’s had to survive homicidal hail spells, enchanted discoing cacti, and assorted hocus pocus. But now that she’s housekeeper, Finn is ready to settle in and embrace her new magical path.

But Finn hardly has a chance to get her feet wet before she gets thrown into the deep end without any floaties. Between the house’s mysterious errands, unexpected guests popping in, and the council trying to rain on her parade, Finn is barely treading water.

With time running out, and magical enemies everywhere, it’s time for Finn to sink or swim.

A Pool for Company, an urban fantasy that appeals to young adult and new adult fans alike, is the second book in the Housekeeper series. This addictive adventure transports readers to an enchanted world filled with unusual magical characters and the kind of strong female protagonist you want as a best friend. Fans of hard-to-put-down mystery suspense and humorous magical action adventures will love Matteson Wynn’s Housekeeper series.

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